Uslovi otkazivanja:

Ucesnici koji plate kompletan iznos seminara ukoliko otkazu najkasnije 15 dana pre pocetka istog vraca im se 50 % od kompletne uplate.
Za sve ucesnike koji otkazu nakon isteka 15 dana od pocetka kursa kompletan iznos zadrzava asocijacija / organizator.


The general conditions for seminars define the conditions related to delivering of lectures, courses and workshops (hereinafter:seminars) .

Fizio RS Belgrade (hereinafter: the Organizer of Education) is in charge of:

1) Applications and registration:

The candidate who wishes to become a participant in the seminar registers in written form by email, SMS, and by paying the registration fee.

The remainder of the payment must be regulated no later than 10 days before the beginning of the course.

2) Cancellation of participation in the seminar:

The candidates who paid the registration fee are entitled to full refund 30 days before the beginning of the seminar.

For any cancellations after the aforementioned period (30 days before the seminar), the registration fee is retained by the organizers.

Participants who have paid the full amount of the price of the seminar are entitled to 50% refund, should they cancel in the period up to up to 15 days before the beginning of the seminar.

3) The organizers are obliged to return the complete payment if there is a change in the seminar dates and the new dates are not suitable for the participant. The same rule applies to cancellation of training by the organizer.

4) The organizer is obliged to respect the rules of each organizational unit which they with cooperates in terms of a schedules, teaching materials, use of space with additional equipment, breaks etc …