Physiatrists and physiotherapists alike often come across swellings and edemas which they treat with ice and elevation. But, how appropriate is this method?

You will learn about it,  their formation and how to treat them on this course.

The participants on the LYMPHEDEMA course will learn:

  • 1. How swellings and edemas are formed, from anatomical, physiological and pathophysiological standpoint?

  • 2. MLD techniques and bandages

  • 3. All about post - traumatic (sprained ankle) and postoperative edema (MCL reconstruction) and chronic venous insufficiency

  • 4. How to apply and deal with Lymphatic drainage

  • 5. How to deal with all lymphatic drainage problems and how successful can it be

Meet The Lymphedema Lecturer – Evripidis Triantafilloy

Mr. Triantafilloy graduated in Greece in 2004. He is trained in the famous Vodder lymphedema treatment method. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with renowned German experts like Hans Pritschow and the former president of German Lymphedema Association, Christian Schuchhardt. He treated primary lymphedemas of upper and lower extremities, pregnancy limphedema, secondary genital lymphedema after oncological intervention and swollen extremities caused by venous insufficiency.

He is a member of the Lymphedema ZML Pritschow School in Germany where he attends specializations regularly. He is the founder and president of the Greek Lymphedema Association, and also specializes in compression garments, which are essential to lymphedema treatment. He is the only certified person in Greece for assessment  and measurement of compression garments, an official Maitland Assistant and Kinematic taping lecturer.

Where is the course taking place and how to apply ?

  • Date and Time

    16.06 – 20.06.2018

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  • How to apply

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